Life to the Full!


Grant_PorteousHello!  I help people and organizations get unstuck by figuring out where they are right now, what they want going forward, and how to get there.   I’ve been doing that in some capacity for more than 30 years in a variety of business, government, and non-profit settings.

In addition to the recent launch of Intentional Life Coaching and Consulting, I work as a therapist, public speaker, and regularly speak at church. I have three children and have been married to my wife, Donna, for 29 years.

This blog is dedicated to helping you think, feel, and act with greater passion, purpose, and intention.  

My purpose is to challenge, encourage, and inspire you.  I’ll offer tools and resources you can use to stretch your life or business in healthy ways.  I’ll provoke you to think outside the box and ‘feel’ your life.  And I’ll offer ways to get there.

Are you stuck living someone else’s idea of what your life ‘should’ be?  Maybe you just don’t know where you want to go.  Or, maybe you’re unsure how to get there.  My hope is this blog will offer inspiration, support, and tools to help you go from wherever you are right now to where it is you want to go.

Mostly I will blog about:

– Getting Unstuck: Some estimates suggest over 80% of Americans don’t have any real dreams for their lives; and 70% of us are disengaged from our work! No wonder so many people feel stuck! If a ‘dream deferred makes the heart sick,’ then what must it do having no dream at all?

– Living Life to the Full: I’ll share stories, insights, tools and strategies that have helped countless people step confidently into a fullness of life that some never knew before.  If you’ve lost yourself somewhere along the way, if the things you want seem out of reach, or if you feel like you aren’t moving in the direction you want to go, my hope is you’ll find these posts inspiring and encouraging.

– Occasional “unrelated” posts – I reserve the right to share an insight, tool, or strategy that may seem unrelated to the above – but that just seem too good not to share!

If you have questions or just want to start a conversation, I love that!  Please don’t hesitate to engage.