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Absolutely Free, the One and Only “Gizmo!”

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Wouldn’t it be great if you could find a Gizmo – maybe in the back of your favorite magazine, or in one of those mailbox coupon books – that was virtually guaranteed to help you and the people you love get rid of shame, guilt, self-doubt, depression, anxiety, anger, perfectionism, and more?

Better yet, what if this amazing Gizmo was absolutely free, easy to use, and required no maintenance?   And, what if all it took to get the full benefit from this surprisingly simple marvel was a willingness to practice using it on a regular basis?

Too good to be true, you say? Poppycock and balderdash?

Not at all! In fact, it’s the backbone of many wildly popular and highly effective self-help books, and it’s built on a solid foundation of time-tested, practical strategies found in the Bible. Used for centuries by people the world over, the Gizmo is elegantly simple and able to be used by most anyone, anywhere, at virtually anytime.

What is it? (Drumroll, please…)

Thought-stopping… reframing… and positive self-talk.

What? Yep, that’s it. Those three things. Here’s why they work.

The problem with most of the things in the laundry list above is that we get these ideas, or feelings, and start to act on them or believe them as though they were true. Common thoughts like this include things like, “I’m unlovable; this will never work out; people should (fill in the blank); we have to (fill in the blank); I’m an idiot; you’re an idiot; etc., etc.”

Repeated over time, these thoughts help establish patterns of thinking in our brains.

Many of these thoughts, especially negative ones, will fall into the category of lies, or half-baked truths. And that’s where the Gizmo comes in, helping break the hold these old patterns of thinking have on us.

Okay, you say, but how does it work? Great question! Here’s an example:

Let’s say John says something to his good friend, Sam, that Sam takes the wrong way. Sam thinks, “I can’t believe he’d say that to me! What a jerk! Well, that’s it! I’m done – if he’s going to accuse me of (fill in the blank) then he’s no friend of mine!!”

Whatever John said, it pushed a bunch of Sam’s buttons. Sam’s feelings, based on what he believed John meant, got him thinking John’s intentions toward him were bad. And, without the Gizmo, things could get ugly!

But wait! Sam remembered before things went too far that he’d just learned how to use his new Gizmo from his executive coach to manage difficult people in his workplace. So, he whipped it out in the nick of time and started it up, and in rapid-fire order here’s what happened next!

One! Sam caught that negative thought once he saw what he was doing, and stopped it dead in its tracks. That’s thought stopping, and it went like this: “Hold it, Sam, you’re doing that thing you’re prone to, telling yourself that people are thinking the worst of you. That’s just not true!”

Two! Next, Sam replaced the half-baked lie with the truth: “John’s a friend of mine! He wouldn’t say that to be hurtful or put me down! I need to ask him what he meant.” Bam! That’s reframing (also known as telling yourself the truth).

Three! Finally, Sam followed up his negative self-talk and the lie he was believing with good things about John and their friendship. That’s positive self-talk (sometimes known as “gratefuls”). This last step, according to brain research, actually completes a process that literally re-wires the brain and causes your automatic thoughts over time to follow new, positive pathways.

If it all sounds too good to be true, don’t worry. The Gizmo won’t cost you a thing to try, and anyone can learn to use it like a pro. Just start catching your own negative thoughts; reframe them by telling yourself the truth instead; and then latch onto the good things around you and dwell on those instead.

I think you’ll be amazed. And glad you did.

By the way, if you want some helping getting started with your Gizmo just shoot me a message or give me a call. I’d be happy to hear from you.

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