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Playing Small

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There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.

—Nelson Mandela

What Nelson doesn’t say is that this life, the one you are capable of living, the one in which you come fully alive and glorify God as you do, will not be easy.

We seem constantly surprised by this, and then shrink back in response.

As John Eldredge notes in Waking the Dead, you will be opposed.

Yet again, we often seem surprised by this.

Do we really expect things to just fall into our laps? Are we really thinking having a life worth living, that a life we are actually capable of living, will be easy?

What would make us think a life of passion – built on a foundation of consistent effort, persistence of purpose, and an unflinching eye toward the dreams laid on our hearts – would be… I don’t know… comfortable?

Let me ask you: what would you expect it might take to have a life you loved? When you look at people who seem to have that sort of life, do you have the idea they just woke-up one day, got out of bed, and went, “Wow, look at this cool life I have now! I wonder how this happened?!?”

Of course not!

Yet many of us seem to fall into just that sort of trap where our own lives are concerned. We get so bogged down just turning the crank, doing what we have to do, that we never quite get around to doing what we really love and really want to do. And before we know it, our lives are passing us by.  And we seem surprised, or disappointed, that our own “cool life” hasn’t happened.

Two things about all this I know for certain. One, I haven’t got it all figured out. Not by a long shot (no one does – beware the guy who says he does). But I began chasing a dream a while back, and I’m more glad I did all the time.  It’s hard, and scary, and I’m starting to get used to it.

And with that, I’ve learned some lessons along the way about what works, and what doesn’t.   Which brings me to the second thing I know for sure.

Which is, we were meant to do this in the company of others. That doesn’t guarantee it will be easy, or safe, or predictable (what would be the fun in that?). But it may well make the journey easier, the road traveled a little safer, and the outcome a bit more certain.

At any rate, any advantage you can find on the road to having a life of purpose and passion, of not living small, is worth getting. It will be hard enough as it is.

Let me know if you’d like help, or want someone to kick things around with. I’d love to hear from you. Meanwhile, no matter what else, one way or the other…

Just begin!

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